Flooded Crops




Cornell Cooperative Extension of Madison County offers environmental resources only through our website.

This section will include information on composting, conservation, emergency/disaster preparedness, green jobs, invasive species, natural gas drilling, renewable energy, and water quality issues. More to come...

Flooded corn field ill

Flooded Gardens & Crops

Is produce from your flooded garden still safe to eat? Find out more information on our site.

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Katrina pet evacuation

Animals & Disasters

Making a disaster plan and evacuation kit can help keep your pets safe in an emergency. Learn how you can be prepared, with resources here on our site.

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Chain saw

Chainsaw Safety

Find resources to help you choose a chainsaw that's right for you, and guidelines for using it safely and effectively, here on our Chainsaw Safety page.

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Flooding orange 2011

Flood Recovery

Floods can be devastating to a family's home and the road to recovery can be long. Find out more about resources you can use here.

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Last updated September 12, 2016