Program Plans of Work 2019

CCE-MC Program Plans of Work 2019-2021

Association Plans of Work identify key programmatic areas while allowing periods of fluidity to address emerging issues and industry challenges.

  • Program plans for the Agriculture Program and the CNY Regional Team address areas of:
    • Agriculture and Food Systems 
    • Environment and Natural Resources
    • Sustainable Energy
    • and Climate Change
  • Program plans for the Ag Economic Development Program address CCE program areas of:
    • Agriculture and Food Systems 
    • Community and Economic Vitality
  • Program plans for the 4-H/Youth Development Program address the program area of:
    • Youth Development
    • Children, Youth, and Families
  • Eat Smart New York (ESNY) Regional Program (coordinated out of Onondaga County) addresses the program areas of:
    • Nutrition
    • Food Safety and Security
    • and Obesity Prevention

You can view the 2019-2021 CCE-Madison County  Program Plan of Work

Last updated November 24, 2019