Interns Wanted




We would like to thank you for your interest in completing a 4-H internship with Cornell Cooperative Extension of Madison County!

The 4-H department in Madison County consists of an educators who is fairly new! Jessica Spaulding started this past June. We are lucky to have an 4-H Alumna from two different counties who is extremely passionate about 4-H and our Madison County program. She has many new ideas that are in the works for planning for the upcoming year and is looking forward to being able to work with interns who will be able to bring a whole new array of ideas to the table.

As some of you may know, we are currently in our planning stages of our 4-H year (starting October 1st). We are planning events such as horse bowl and hippology, dairy bowl, equine and dairy 101, public presentations, horse communications, STEM programming, next year’s fair, clinics, speakers, trips with the youth, our yearly banquet, and SO MUCH MORE!

You are likely in full swing with your semester and are busy with classes and finding an internship so we only require some brief information/materials in order to complete your application process:

  • 1.Complete and submit your application   
  • 2.With your application please submit your cover letter and resume
  • 3.Please submit any additional information we may need to know about your internship
  • Such as any packets you receive, any example paperwork we may need to fill out, requirements, etc.

Once we review your information, we will schedule a follow up call as a ‘next step’. We look forward to receiving your materials!

Thank you,

Craig Brown (

Last updated September 19, 2019