4-H Spirit Day

The month of October kicks off the new 4-H year, for this reason we celebrate with Madison County 4-H Spirit Day. This event is a rallying point and opportunity to promote 4-H here in Madison County. 4-H Spirit Day is an opportunity for all of our members to come together and share what their clubs are doing. 

4-H teaches youth life skills including how to work with others, responsibility, and self-discipline. Clubs have the opportunity to strengthen family ties and create good citizens.Each member is valuable and every person has great qualities and skills in which they can share with others.

The 4-H name represents four personal development areas Head, Hands, heart, and Health. 4-H Spirit Day focuses on each of these areas by creating variety of activity stations.

Today, thanks to the Cooperative Extension system, 4-H empowers nearly 6 million young people nationally to be True Leaders (http://4-h.org/about/annual-report/, page 3). The 4-H experience is proven to grow leaders who are active members in their community.I believe in the power of our young people and want to provide them with educational opportunities in order to succeed in life

Last updated December 7, 2017